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RFF is a charitable organisation  which seeks to raise awareness and help address issues that affect children and their families, such as child poverty, violence, neglect  and labour. The Foundation acknowledges that until these issues are addressed, the future of UK, Africa and the World will continue to be blurred.

 RFF knows that 'a smile costs nothing'!

Ghana Volunteers!

We need your help, we need your support - there are 168 hours in a week - Can you spare us 4 of those???

The rewards are everlasting and you can put a smile on a child's face!

UK - Can You Teach Music?

Fancy Volunteering a few hours a week?

Volunteer Music Teachers / Tutors / Assistants Required ASAP.

Contribute now and change a life!

Challenge yourself to save life!

Set yourself a Challenge to raise funds to support our causes. No amount is too small so set your challenge now! we are here to help you through to the end!

You can Pledge your time, money or just your support! we appreciate your offer.

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The charity is aiming at reuniting 1000 streetchildren with their parents, existing relatives or legal guardians in Ghana, by December 2010.We strongly believe we are able to achieve this goal with your help....

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Don't allow the burden of the day to let you down, instead get up and have fun whilst raising funds for the needy child. Your reward is priceless! WIN AFRICA: Night of colours Dinner Dance ( in aid of no more streets project to reunite 1000....

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What causes a child to make the street his home? Family collapse, unfortunate Acts of God, poverty, the list is endless. But we still know that developing and implementing adequate measures to meet the immediate....

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